Tuesday, November 11, 2008

History of the World pt. II

the please & thank yous (short: tpaty) are a poppity punk band formed in Mundelein, IL. since their inception in the final days of 2006, the band has been through some lineup changes and has since relocated to Chicago, regularly fluctuating between being a trio and a quartet. as of now the band consists of geoff civility (guitar, vocals), marcus br00tus (drums), gooey fame (bass), and nicholas cagematch (guitar).

marcus br00tus (drums) was hardly sixteen when TPATY formed. out of the original members, only geoff--then 18--and marcus remain. previous members include jeremy upton (guitar/vocals), and brandon schawel (guitar), jake outrage (bass), and austin mitcheel (guitar).

swing state nov. 2007, feat. navy dudes moshing w/ joie de vivre

the first batch of four recordings were done in february of 2007 for $20 a song, half of the songs would be removed from the band's live set as soon as enough new material was available to replace it. the band would hold on to the other two songs, one of those--"mind yr p's & q's"--ending up as the last track on their debut full length some 3 years later. the other song, "hey, usa", would remain in the back catalog of the band's live repertoire. original second guitarist austin mitchell quit during this session, disappointed with the chemical balance between band members. the rest of the band recruited another guitarist (brandon) in time for their first show on April 10, 2007 at the University of Illinois at Chicago.

two months after the initial demo session, the band stumbled upon on an opportunity to record 2 songs free of charge in Chicago.  they recorded a brand new song called "peas & cheese" that catalyzed a shift in the band's sound and musical style and also ultimately ended up as the second-to-last track on their debut full length, Mind Yr P's & Q's. the other song was a rendition of a song originally written and performed by brandon and geoff's middle school band. this song was later rerecorded during the first full-length recording session in july 2008 but ultimately abandoned.

after rocking at the museum of contemporary art, 30 january 2008

between april 2007 and july 2008, the band played out as often as possible, finding a homebase in the suburban setting of Lake Villa, IL where their second show was to a capacity crowd. The band managed to practice regularly on weekends in Mundelein, IL and write a substantial amount of material that would largely be lost to the sands of time due to a lack of recording availability, a shift in musical style, and an inclination to move forward rather than back when new members eventually replaced half of the band's roster.

in june 2007, the Mulligan! EP was recorded for free by the band's label head kris a.d. it would take exactly a year for the EP to be mixed and mastered. by that time, the band had headed into a basement in Chicago's Logan Square neighborhood to record four more songs that would also not make it past the demo stages. but one month later, in july 2008, tpaty drove out to Rockford, IL to record four more songs. the band was fortunate to have made friends with emo revivalists and Rockford natives Joie De Vivre. guitarist of jdv chris french invited tpaty out to record at Fuse recording studio on a weekend. as an employee of the studio, french was able to provide free studio time to the band, not to mention access to the popular 70's Rockford group Cheap Trick's live equipment. on this equipment, the band's most recently written song, "fucking honestly" would turn out as the highlight amont the four songs chosen to be recorded and inspire the band to explore more relationship-oriented song writing rather than the social criticism or tongue-in-cheek whateverisms of earlier material.

the notorious speedo rock out of 2008 in mundelein, illinois

as the band began to establish themselves more in Chicago and its northern suburbs, while also managing to embark on some small weekend tours to minneapolis, eastern iowa, and the st. louis area. the band continued to write new material with the intention of recording a full length record back in Rockford. in march 2009, the band headed back to c-french's loft apartment to track drums for 8 more songs--2 of the album's songs having been recorded in the initial Rockford visit. in april 2009, the band laid down guitar, bass and vocal tracks and by this time, brandon had left the band to attend school downstate. they would adjust to being a trio for a short time until jeremy upton joined the band in june.

the mini-tours of 2009 would end up serving as preparation for the bigger tours that were to come the following summer. on february 15, 2010, Mind Yr P's & Q's was officially released by kris a.d. as a limited edition cassette on ice age records and as a free digital download hosted by death to false hope records, which had caught wind of the album just before its release. as soon as they finished their final exams in early may of 2010, tpaty embarked on a two-week to New York City and back. at this time jeremy and jake left the band because they were unable to tour. gooey fame saved the tour from being cancelled by picking up the bass and learning the parts.

w/chris french, on break from recording, 25 july 2008

august 2010 brought saw two-week tour for tpaty, this time out west to colorado. immediately upon the tour's end, the then-three piece returned just on time to attend the first day of the 2010-2011 school year.

the band looks forward to building on the gradual progress that finally culminated in the release of a full length record and two two-week tours and the handful of weekend tours of 2010. december will not only mark the band's 4-year anniversary but also the beginning of the recording sessions that will eventually be presented as the band's sophomore record, Death To The Please & Thank Yous. a winter tour in early january has been planned and booked, the members once again returning to school as soon as they get back and then focusing on finishing their second record, booking a spring break tour, and looking forward to more touring in the summer.

to be continued

jeremy upton shreddin the gnar at swing state, june 2009

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