"Tour" dates

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

This looks hilarious. Almost all of these shows are in our goddam state. We'll never get out.

Aug 12 - Chicago, IL @ Strangelight w/ Snowing, Joie De Vivre

Aug 13 - Mundelein, IL @ The Sober Haus w/ Sarah Palin

Aug 14 - Milwaukee, WI @ Yurr House w/Like Bats, Young D

Aug 15 - Sterling, IL @ A Tight Spot w/ Vacation, Two Hand Fools, Warren Franklin

Aug 16 - Moline, IL @ Steve's Haus w/ Street Cheetah

Aug 17 - Boulder, CO @ Community Cycles w/ The Morgendorffers

Aug 18 - Denver, CO @ Larimer Lounge

Aug 19 - Ft. Collins, CO @ Hammer Time Tool Co-op

Aug 20 - Belleville, IL @ Illegal Tone Recording

Aug 21 - Lansing, IL @ The Pancake House

Aug 22 - Normal, IL @ Firehouse

Aug 23 - DeKalb, IL @ 7th Street Art Space w/The Casting Out (ex-Boy Sets Fire), Crankupmadonna (ex-God's Reflex), Joie De Vivre (ex-Your City/State)

New Review of Mind Yr P's & Q's

A new review of our album has been posted at Bankrupt On Selling, a new blog by an old friend. Check out the full review here!

 The Please & Thank Yous play with such energy and such emotion that it's hard not to like them. Their sound is much more distinguished.

This Just In

Monday, July 19, 2010

bill o'reilly, how do you sleep at night? honestly, how are you still breathing? how are you still alive? anything you say has no validity. your biases come through crystal clear in HD. I couldn't even get through the introduction of your book--please stop pointing that thing at me. hey, words are cheap so let's go have a drink just you and me. we'll smoke some weed and you'll molest little kids and we'll call it even.

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