Tuesday, November 04, 2008

be a tree...che?
yeah we destroyed each other's lives,
but the memories won't die
so i'm writing this thing like it's a tragicomedy
cuz it's not ending happily tonight.

everything about you is divine.
under these circumstances you can never be mine
but if you'd come with me we'd still be breathing heavily
& we'd be the ones passing out the time.

my nightmare's a dream come true;
you got me chasing after you.
well if you weren't my muse i would have nothing to lose
& by the burning in my heart i'd be consumed.

i'm always dreamin' about ya too...
please don't hate that i miss you
cuz when you're not with me i sing more spiritedly
so i guess you'll always be my beatrice.

bill o'reilly:
Bill o'reilly how do you sleep at night?
Honestly, how are you still breathing?
How are you still alive?
Anything you say has no validity.
Your biases come through crystal clear in HD.
I couldn't even get through the introduction of your book,
please stop pointing that thing at me.

Hey! Words are cheap so let's go have a drink just you and me.
We'll smoke some weed, and you'll molest little kids and we'll call it even.

I'd love to turn on the TV only to find out that you died.
There's a lot of places where you'd get eaten alive.
Nastrodamos predicted that the biggest douche in the universe would have a TV show
called the o'reilly factor.

I hope mention this song on your show,
but just because I said that you probably won't.
The people who stand behind the shit you say
blow a load inside the bible every day.
Hey! Words are cheap so let's go smoke some weed and drink some beers
don't date rape me by putting pain killers in my brew.

I should have seen that coming from someone like you!

How do assholes like you exist,
let alone get voted into office?
Am I the devil because I'm not religious?
I've got something for you to kiss.

Hey! Words are cheap so let's duke it out on primetime TV.
Don't censor me, you're the one that's gone completely fucking crazy.

bollywood ending:
i miss the nights that you moved for me,
i work the weekends cuz yr not free
& i missed the sneak preview & the matinee
& now you act all indie

cuz we made dialogue that sounded like a movie
that ended up not so innocently sobbing
& luckily for you no one was recording
so i got up & made some tea.

i don't have the skills for filmmaking baby,
but you know i just developed the ones for making you crazy.
besides, movies only remind me to just keep on dreaming,
well i dream of a bollywood ending

where i love your burning heart
i miss it when beams.
let me dance with you
the worst you've ever seen.
only cuz it's so god damn convincing
you will let me get in on the fiery loving.

so what'll it be then baby?
let's work some red carpentry
& then we can thank the academy.

dear allie:
i'm sleeping in the hammock now that held us in the summer,
the one where we showed each other how to make it last much longer.
i woke up with a ruffled head & kept thinkin about ya,
woke up you weren't in my bed cuz your my lil chimera.

just the other day i made you a tape
you played it until it made me sick
a thousand times a day filling in the blanks
just hoping everything's okay.

i felt you didn't wanna hear what i originally said here
& i just wanna please yr ear,
become yr guilty pleasure
cuz i'm psychic about ya dear but never thought to tell you
you mess with my head every night & then i fall in love with you.

you got the booze & i got the blues so let's just throw a party
cuz you've been holdin out on you & i can't even stop me.
you slip through my head every night & leave without a trace,
except when i assert my masculinity in a place i can't replace.

i keep writing you never-sending words
you keep on spilling out on paper.
made another tape,
check yr mail today so i can start forgetting how to remember.

idle fucking hands,
i suppose they're not so fucking good,
you had a field day with 'em i'm sure.
'til we get to spring this is everything
even if it doesn't have the cure
even if it's friday i'm in love & you won't see,
me the end'll justify the mean.

hey, usa:
Hey! USA, get your back into it.
We talk all this shit but never get off our asses and do it...
We always complain,
but last time I looked we were all the same.

Sometimes we work,
sometimes we light off fireworks,
sometimes we get pissed at a store clerk.
Don't you love watching a Bears game on a Thursday
and then eating a turkey?

But we always complain
about how we're sick of ourselves and we never change.
Have we gone insane?
The world shoulda come in shooting on monday.

But we'll only complain
about how this country's a fuck and it'll never change.
We'll get put in our place
if we don't do anything to stop the reign.

holy hell!:
i heard that hell exists
& if i were you i'd take my word for it
cuz i only caught a glimpse but it looked pretty intense.
i'm not a satanist but her voice sounded like heroine
& i got lost in it and i was convinced.

i'm told that god exists cuz she makes me make my muse sick,
but i guess she also gave us kurt vonnegut.
he's up in heaven now singing every word he knows
& he gets to the point & it goes like this:

i'm coming home & there's nothing you can do to keep me out.

i'll remember your face when i'm chained to a goddamn burning lake & i'm sinking like a stone 1,000,000 times a day.
i know where i'm goin'--
to hell with the puritans cuz i'm gonna live my life with conviction.
i'm coming home & there's nothing you can do so give me hell.

repent i'm coming home & there's nothing you can do to save yourself
serpent get off your throne cuz i'm dreamin' for you now.
i fell fast & hard & there was no one even there to wake me up
but i brought my guitar so i could work my way back up.

so i'm singing this song at the gates of hell tonight
& we're singing along at the gates of hell tonight.
at the gates of hell, we will wait every night.
when you feel it swell, you will get your endless night.

the last nazi punk in town:
Flicking off the nazi punk insurgents,
who's ignorant to the golden rule?
"Blitzkrieg Bop," "Hey! Ho! Let's go!" was not a manifesto.
They take you in when you drop out of school.

They always got fucking psyched talking about the nerd reich
'til their leader grew up and grew out of his skin.

One by one they all followed in suit,
one by one they all befriended jews.
Anyone who sets out to fuck authority
is clearly not cut out to be a nazi.

Why'd the nazi punk scene die out so soon?
Did it turn out to be led by jews?
It never occured to you?
Hitler would have killed punks too.
Think it's about time you ditched the boots.

When you strive for aryan race,
end up shooting self in face.
If you wanna be that way then get the fuck out of the states.

mind yr p's & q's:
coffee beans, ground up through & through,
recycled & reused.
a morning-after screw,
but the headache i have now reminds i was never really into you.

& you are hiding from me
a dirty little secret
that not even your mother knows
cuz she can't always keep you protected.

& this is what i get...
you can call it payback
but let's just say your secret ain't so secret,

peas n' cheese:
Can't read uh huh still can't believe it's obvious.
Exist oh yeah one day be dead fine line between.

Hear my primal scream:
can't hate everything.
Life's a conscious stream makes sense in dreams and isn't as cool as it seems.

Funny ain't it? Ain't it funny? We disagree.
Do comedy don't know, can't think, can't eat, can't sleep.

One more primal scream
can't change anything.
Life's a conscious stream makes sense in dreams and isn't as cool as it seems.

speaking of the devil:
Let's just get one thing straight:
we're all victims of supporting the hate.
Pent up aggression we generate,
while somehow I'm forcing you to relocate.

Please understand that I don't wanna relate.

I look at you and feel like I'm to blame.
I look through you and think we all look the same.
I'm telling you it's a crying shame.
I'm telling you that I'm sick of playing this game.

You don't deserve this. No, ma'am, we are to blame.
We are to blame, I am to blame.

This is something I'm trying to escape.
Not down with the idea of being a slave.
I wanna tear down the wall that separates,
But I'm a victim programmed to be afraid.
Don't take it personal,
I understand why it's me that you have to hate.

summer's over:
summer's over so i can start losing my dreams.
it was over as soon as i sentimentalized everything.
i knew it was ending when i started grinding my teeth.
& now that it's over i'm waiting my chance to breath.

all that progress we made,
nothing is better than those early days
when we had nothing to lose & everything to gain
& now that everything's dying i'm going insane.

summer's over sick of singing in rhyme;
summer's over sick of playing in time.
& now that it's over i gotta move on with my life.
can't believe that it's over i just wanted you to be mine.

if there's a chance just give me a sign.

i can't help it i'm staying up all night

thinking about those wrongs that felt so right.
they felt so right.
you were looking for yourself but i was in your sight
& i think i got cancer from being in the spotlight.

you're seeping into my body & i can't rid myself of you.
how easy i keep forgetting if only i was weatherproof.
you're seeping into my body & i can't rid myself of you.
how easy i'd be forgetting if only i could change the truth.

well fuck the truth
i just want you
to end the cold
with your warm hold.


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