Sweet, Thanks

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

This weekend we were faced with a dilemma: Which movie is better, Total Recall or Robocop? I think the answer's obvious. Thanks to our bros Sweet Talk for being with us all weekend, and helping us buy a new tire for Thrash Vandicoot, get him towed twice, and played to a grand total of 50 people, over 90% of which were at the Sunday show. More pics to come when Kris gets his shit together. These were our last shows until Thanksgiving weekend when we will be heading out to Rockford, Minneapolis and the Quad Cities for a few more laughs. Keep it in your pants until then, friend.

Summer's Over

Thursday, September 16, 2010

Here's some footage from our May and August tours as well as part of Warren's July tour that I was on for a bit. This summer we finally got to see the pains of our labors years pay off as we went around the country, from Long Island, NY to Denver, CO, making new friends, meeting new people, and getting our minds blown. This time next year, we will have moved to Boulder, CO and turned into a Dave Matthews cover band.

A huge thanks to everyone who helped make our summer the best ever! Also thanks to the "cast" of this "video" for being there with us!

Thank Yous:
Erik C.
Josh B.
Joey S.
Lane L.
Mike F.
Sarah P.
Kyle W.
Dave R.
Vince G.
Jaymie M. <3
Dude Jams!
Dude Jams!
Dude Jams!
Our Parents
Scotty Death
Miss & Jamie
Nnamdi & Al
Joie De Vivre
Rad Company
Tim-4 Eleanor
Kara & Jordan
Warren Franklin
Hands Like Feet
Carl & The ELB
Who Goes There?
Austin & Maureen
The Morgendorffers
You're Not Kablamo!
Erik from Belleville x2
Mickey & The 15th House
All of our Rockford friends
The Reptilian (Grand Rapids, MI)
Sleep For The Nightlife (Toronto, ON)
Ryan Ford & The Fortress Of Solidudes
Victor! Fix The Sun (Grand Rapids, MI)
Steven, Ian, Walter(s), and the QC PUNX
Marcus, Marshall and the dudes of Solar Bear
Cris, Dogjaw, I Forget, and the Ft. Ashby Punx! x2
Sarah, Jeffrey, Sleep Bellum and the Gramps House Crew!