On the way down pt. 2

Saturday, January 29, 2011

That entire second day was spent trying to fix Thrash. First Gooey and I spent the waking hours of New Years Day trying to find a mechanic while rapidly losing DIY credibility. Marcus's stepdad spent the entire day trying to get the van in working order, and after finally diagnosing a leak in the heating pipe, sawing it off, and rerouting the engine coolant, the sun had gone down, it was even colder, and there was a new leak. We were able to make it the 20 or so miles from Elgin to Palatine to sleep for the night by way of pouring as much water and coolant in the tank as we could. When we got home we played Call Of Duty and swore at the TV for hours, but at least it got our minds off the problem for a bit.

The next day we took Thrash into an auto repair shop called CATS and threw down $200 to get the whole heating thing sealed off. We were warned that there would be no heat, and consequently the drives to Rockford and then St. Louis was miserable at a steady 20ºF. Your toes would freeze in there no matter how many socks you put on, and if you fell asleep, you'd wake up and your feet would have needles and pins in them. But the show that night ruled because we played with a Dragonball Z-themed hardcore band called Yajirobe. And luckily the next few days would be much more manageable, to the point where we even forgot about the heating thing...


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