Mickey Mouse Spring Break Tour 2011

Thursday, January 27, 2011

First of all, lolz that I initially marked this as spring break 2010. It always snows during spring break in Chicago. That's why this March we are excited to be heading some place warm for one week in March. Again we will be passing through Austin & Ft. Worth, except this time our trajectory will make the shape of a mouse and we will be with our new best friend Andrew, whom plays under the moniker Emo Side Project. We're waiting to hear back from some friends where all these shows are going to be, but here is where we are playing. Get stoked...?

3.18 - Christian's Lair (Belleville, IL)
3.19 - TBA (Memphis, TN)
3.20 - TBA (Shreveport, LA)
3.21 - TBA (Austin, TX)
3.22 - 1919 Hemphill (Ft. Worth, TX)
3.23 - The Boydell (Tulsa, OK)
3.24 - TBA (Lawrence, KS)


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