we've moved

Monday, February 21, 2011

it's difficult to keep up with technology. in order to stay on top of our game, and also so we can interact with more of our friends, we've moved to tpaty.tumblr.com as our main website. please update yr bookmarks.

More Fun Things Coming Up

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

2/25 - 9-10:30pm
@ Univeristy of Chicago
Radio show w/ Josh Oberman

3/4 - 7pm
@ The Hellhole
w/ Direct Hit!, Bi-furious, & The Dumpster Babies
Message for address.

3/17 - 8pm
St. Patrick's Day Show @ The Hollow
w/ Is World, Young Devilry, & Shiloh
*This is also our tour kickoff show!

4/19 - 8pm
@ Waubonsie Valley Community College
Telecasted acoustic performance & interview 

Fucking Emo Covers...

Tuesday, February 08, 2011

Our buddy and soon-to-be tourmate Emo Side Project just posted a cover of "Fucking Honestly" on my Facebook wall and it rules. Also, if you live in one of the following places come check us out with Emo Side Project this spring break! Venues to come soon.

3/17 - Chicago, IL
3/18 - Belleville, IL
3/19 - Memphis, TN
3/20 - Shreveport, LA
3/21 - Austin, TX
3/22 - Ft. Worth, TX
3/23 - Tulsa, OK
3/24 - Kansas City, KS
3/25 - Bloomington, IL

More Shows This Weekend!

Sunday, January 30, 2011

This weekend we are playing two shows. This will be our first foray into Michigan, so hopefully it goes well. We don't have all the info yet but here's what we know so far. In case you aren't thinking too hard right now, 2/6 is the day of the Super Bowl. So if you no care about dat come to dis instead. Facebook event is linked.

2/5-Sturgis, MI @ Bret’s House w/ William Bonney, Comfort, Park Jefferson, and Home Movies

I think we've been friends with Home Movies on Myspace for like 3 years so this should be a good weekend! Also our friends Joie De Vivre and The Reptilian are playing with PJ the day before in South Bend, IN.

On the way down pt. 2

Saturday, January 29, 2011

That entire second day was spent trying to fix Thrash. First Gooey and I spent the waking hours of New Years Day trying to find a mechanic while rapidly losing DIY credibility. Marcus's stepdad spent the entire day trying to get the van in working order, and after finally diagnosing a leak in the heating pipe, sawing it off, and rerouting the engine coolant, the sun had gone down, it was even colder, and there was a new leak. We were able to make it the 20 or so miles from Elgin to Palatine to sleep for the night by way of pouring as much water and coolant in the tank as we could. When we got home we played Call Of Duty and swore at the TV for hours, but at least it got our minds off the problem for a bit.

The next day we took Thrash into an auto repair shop called CATS and threw down $200 to get the whole heating thing sealed off. We were warned that there would be no heat, and consequently the drives to Rockford and then St. Louis was miserable at a steady 20ºF. Your toes would freeze in there no matter how many socks you put on, and if you fell asleep, you'd wake up and your feet would have needles and pins in them. But the show that night ruled because we played with a Dragonball Z-themed hardcore band called Yajirobe. And luckily the next few days would be much more manageable, to the point where we even forgot about the heating thing...

Mickey Mouse Spring Break Tour 2011

Thursday, January 27, 2011

First of all, lolz that I initially marked this as spring break 2010. It always snows during spring break in Chicago. That's why this March we are excited to be heading some place warm for one week in March. Again we will be passing through Austin & Ft. Worth, except this time our trajectory will make the shape of a mouse and we will be with our new best friend Andrew, whom plays under the moniker Emo Side Project. We're waiting to hear back from some friends where all these shows are going to be, but here is where we are playing. Get stoked...?

3.18 - Christian's Lair (Belleville, IL)
3.19 - TBA (Memphis, TN)
3.20 - TBA (Shreveport, LA)
3.21 - TBA (Austin, TX)
3.22 - 1919 Hemphill (Ft. Worth, TX)
3.23 - The Boydell (Tulsa, OK)
3.24 - TBA (Lawrence, KS)

Witter Fest Comp & A Touristy Mixtape

Saturday, January 22, 2011

This link will take you to a compilation that was put together in remembrance of the 2010 Witter Fest. The whole day was a blast and we are glad we got to be a part of such a festive rager.

This link will take you to a mix that we collectively put together in honor of our first tour of 2010. On it are many of the songs that we heard no matter where we went, kept us moshing in the back of the van so we wouldn't freeze, and some we discovered and were subsequently stoked on. Get down.

Friday, January 21, 2011

Here's an article previewing the show at Subterranean on Sunday. It will be a great time! (I am actually typing this in retrospection, as the show already happened and I'm manipulating les internets. The lineup is actually reversed---Waterhouse opened and we played last, so don't be mislead by thinking we're gonna play first, but still you better come see Waterhouse cuz they rule! And Nnamdi's in that band.

Our friends The Island Of Misfit Toys

On the way down pt. 1

Friday, January 14, 2011

Looking back on it, I think the best part about this whole Texas tour thing was the first sentence that was uttered in the van as we pulled out of the alley that our homebase, Summercamp, backs out onto. We had just loaded up all our pillows, blankets and equipment for our initial departure. As Goo honked the horn to signal to any potentially oncoming pedestrians that we were about to fuck their shit up, he turned to me, sitting shotgun, and said, "Well at least this time we'll be able to control the temperature of the van."

What he meant was, the last times we went on tour in August and September, it was so hot that we sweat through our clothes on an hourly basis, thanks to Thrash Vandicoot's lack of air conditioning capabilities. This time, as we left for tour, we had heat at the beginning of the winter season. It wouldn't take long for Gooey's first words to be showered with irony.

Our first show--Ian's Party on New Year's Eve--we pulled up to The Gasthaus in Elgin, IL, and everything was fine, except that we were hungry. We went to Wendy's to use free Frosty coupons and I guess try out their "new" fries. Awful btw. On the way back to the Gasthaus, not 5 minutes away, the engine overheats. We stayed in Elgin overnight because Thrash couldn't make it out of town without the temperature gauge going all the way to H (Thanks to Mouse for letting us stay the night!). The next morning was spent calling literally every auto shop in Elgin. Being as it was New Year's Day, none of them were open. This wasn't surprising, but still disappointing. As the van continued to overheat, we drove to the only auto-related store that was open on new year's day in Elgin: an AutoZone.

Are we friends or enemies?

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Hey guys, before we go into specifics about anything, please listen to the newly released tracks recorded by our New York friends & enemies Sleep Bellum Sonno. We love them and they tour hard. What's more, these songs are on their side of a split they did with our other BFFs Joie De Vivre. You will enjoy! Follow the link below for easy streaming:

Brotherly Love